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Monday, March 22, 2010

Firetruck's Craft and Hexagons

Firetruck’s Craft and Hexagonsa Tot School
This week our theme is firetrucks. On Tuesday our second day we made a craft and we introduced the shape of an hexagon. I hope you enjoy it. 1. Gather your materials. - Glue - Cut hexagons - Colors - Finger painting - Glitter - The painting of a firetruck and some hexagons 2. We started finding the hexagons she used to play with and we call them by name. 3. I gave her the cut hexagons and we compared them with her toy hexagons. 4. While I were glueing the hexagons she began to put them in their places. 5. After glueing we painted the picture with crayons. 6. Sorry I went out of charge and I don’t have any more pictures. But after painting we finger painted the firetruck with red. Until she got tired. 7. When we finished, as there was still lots of white space I put some stick glue and we poured some red glitter. 8. This is the final result. Isn’t it nice?

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