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Monday, March 29, 2010

red color's day

RED COLOR’S DAY Tot School 1. Gather your materials: - Glue - Marker, crayon, or other in color red. - Cut foam in the shape or a tomato, strawberry and cherry (the red fruits and veggies you can find in your fridge). - Hexagons, triangle and circle sticks (the shapes we had worked) - Red ribbon

- A box with ballons of different colors and of course red ones. - A box with colored stones and red ones 2.First we put our red hexagon on the learning poster.

2. Then I put on her wrist the red ribbon. As daddy was at home that day she ran to show it to him.

3. After that I told her to find the red stones of the box. The first three stones were great but after that she decided it was much fun to put them in her mouth, so I decided to stop the activity

4. Then we started to play with the balloons. First she picked the balloon and she wanted to and told me the color. When she picked a red one I pounched it on a wood stick. This was much fun for her, and she could pick as she wanted to. 5. We started our red sheet. First we went to the fridge and we looked for red veggies and fruits. Then we glued the tomato, strawberrry and cherries. Then she enjoyed with her hexagon sticks she put them all alone, and the other shapes as well. Finally we colored with the red crayons the rectangle. 6. At the end she wanted to see her color book I made for her when she was 13th months old. She didn’t wanted to see it for a long time. I took the idea for this book from

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  1. Oh I love the balloons...what a great idea!!

    ;-) Carisa


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