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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

monsters 1 last week post!!!

Tot School
Noarai 36 months and Lucia 18 months

Last week I wasn't able to write so here you have our last week.
Some Montesori work. Lucia worked pouring cereals from one cup into the other.

 Noarai worked in spooning cereals and pouring with cups of tea.

 The following materials are from 2teachingmomies and from 1+1+1=1
She enjoyed the graphing activity a lot this week.
 She cut all her monsters and sort them in two eyes or three eyes. She is doing pretty good in cutting lately.

 She did some Confessions of a homeschooler writting practice I had from last year printed. Last year she wasn't ready for them, but this year she's really motivated in writting,
 We did some shape review with Lucia. As Lucia knows the circle and triangle she stuck the circle sticks inside the circle and the same with the triangles ones. I was amazed she could do it all by herself:)))

As this was too easy for Noarai she decorated her moster and cut it out.
 Look mommy I made an Elephant!!!! She couldn't do it again :)
 Monsters counting for Noarai and dot painting for Lucia. Lucia painted everywhere as I was helping Noarai with the big numbers.
 Monsters puzzle for Noarai she did a great job and is starting to enjoy puzzles, and Lucia was still playing with dot paintings.
We mixed blue and yellow to make green.
 Bathtub painting with blue and yellow. It was so funny to listen to the girls saying look mommy the water is turning green. I used shaving cream with food colorant.
 We were all sick on Friday so we did lots of playing and this post game with a cereal box and cards,

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