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Friday, November 12, 2010

letter w and boxes

Tot School

This week has been a hard week. Noarai has got a bronquial spasm and the medication kept her really excited. Between doctor's appointments and calm down activities we had really few time.

1. She's really into painting again!!!! She hadn't wanted to paint for 8 months and for mommy's joy she's loving it again. But as you see in the pictures she was so excited that she couldn't be sitting down on the chair so she painted on the white table, on the black one and she kept sitting and standing while painting her w.

2. She stamped the letter w after lots of work. I tried the highchair for calming her down but without success. And i also tried her favorites activities but this medication keep her really excited.

3. We also punched our w with pushpins. Ok, they were pushpins all over the kitchen after finishing her w. Last week she did this activity by herself while i was nursing Lucia and she did a perfect job, i just have to remember it;)

4. She's into pretend play right now and she was getting into bed her bear family.

5. She filled the letter w with bottle lids. At least one activity she has done this week by herself.

Playing Boxes For her roomtime (45 minutes a day) she has 9 boxes that i rotate each week. This were the boxes she played this week. 1. Contact paper and items to stick (pom-poms and field animals) 2. After her roomtime i have sibling time and Lucia loves to explore all of her boxes. This one were colorful sticks to insert in recycled cheese container i made holes on.
3. Old Macdonald's book and animals to match with.
4. Different sized boxes. My objective was to match the lids but she's not into that so i hide different treasures inside each box and she had fun just oppening them.
5. Alphabet printable from 1+1+1=1 and foam letters to match with.
6. Colorful popsicle sticks with hairties to match by color. She also had fun oppening and closing the container and just putting the hairties in her fingers.
7. Different balls to dump in a humper (sorry no picture of the humper)
8. Pompoms in a bag and tongues. I wanted her to practice her zippings skills and her tongues but she wasn't in to these this week. She didn't play with this box.
9. This was one of her favorites, i've got the caterpillar numbers from COAH Clothespins and cups to match with. She had fun with the clothespins and the cups, the matching wasn't to interesting but she played with numbers ;)
I hope we can more things to share the next week. God bless you!
I'm starting a daddy's blog hop, to share some loves to our daddy's for the time they spend with their children. Feel free to join!


  1. You have such creative ideas for your play boxes. I love it!

  2. I really like the way you've used recycled items and items from around your house to make interesting workboxes for your young daughter.


  3. Patricia,
    This is very creative. Your children are really cute. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I just found your blog from WUH weekly wrap up. You have gorgeous girls and do such fun activities! Please stop by and see us at

  5. Love the box activity. Very cute.

  6. Nice activities! The picture of her getting out of her chair is so cute. Thank you for sharing.

  7. What great ideas. Thanks for linking to Toddler Tuesday! :)


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