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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

God help me!!

Well... i'm a very strong woman. I've got lots of energy, i can handle two babies and enjoy them,take care of my greatgrandma, carry a home and work partime as a piano teacher. I can handle one week alone or a month if my husband needs to do a course. I thought i was a superwoman but, well i'm not. I love my live at the moment it's just the best moment of my life, my two daughters fill my heart and i'm enjoying each second with them. But i just crashed like a volcano and i just want to be in bed all day long;) Well i think God has give me a big lesson in my life, i'm not a superwoman and I need him. What a funny way of teaching he has! Just the way we need.

Thanks God for all your blessings and all your love!


  1. How very true! I think we all forget that at times. Thanks for the reminder! Kerri

  2. Yes, thank you for the reminder that we all need God. Not sure why we forget that so easily.


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