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Thursday, November 10, 2011

daddy's time Friday- cuddling

The girls are enjoying daddy a lot. As I'm on bedrest daddy is with the girls every evening and the girls are so happy with him.
Daddy is so funny that can where antennas while reading a book to miss Lucia with a beautiful hat.

 Daddy take the girls to a zoo very often and they love it.
 This week daddy had a funny idea. Let's have dinner in the bathtub, with a really funny made up song. The girls were laughing all the time. And daddy kept saying this is the cleanest way to eat:))))
 Thanks daddy for helping mommy to rest and for being so funny and cuddly. We love you very much!!!!!

For finishing I wanted to share this photo I took on summer that I love. Happy weekend.
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  1. So cute! Daddy time and cuddling are so great together, aren't they?

    Thanks for linking up at the Thirsty For Comments Hop!


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