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Monday, October 31, 2011

Frogs-princess and triangles

Tot School
Noarai 36 months and Lucia 18 months

As I'm on modified bedrest (for a twin pregnancy) we work each day as I can. The girls and I love learning time so we make an effort to do something each day.

Montesory work:
Noarai worked pouring beans with three cups. She worked for 15 minutes I'm amazed that it's a lot of time for her. She was funny when I took the picture.
 Lucia worked with two cups and beans. The handles were a problem so next week I'm trying it with a normal cup. She worked on transfering beans from one cup to the other with her hands instead.
 I planned to work princess theme, but daddy came up one night with a frog so we introduced some activities. We did frog cutting, Noarai has improved her cutting skills now she can hold her paper with one hand and cut with the other.
We did some Montessory counting 4-5-6 with the frogs she cut.
She did this picture all by herself, she is really motivated on taking pictures lately.
In the meantime, Lucia worked pouring the scissors out the cup and arranging them inside again.
Color mixing work. As frogs are green we mixes yellow and blue for making our green. Noarai loved to mix them and she did it 10 or more times.
Lucia is the great painter, she loves to paint her hands and make a big mess, she did as her sister lots of times the mixing. After mixing the color we actually color a frog.
I didn't took picture but we worked the frogs anatomy making a puzzle of their parts and with montessory cards. Our vocabulary was: eye, mouth, tympanun, nostril, front legs, hinded legs, belly and trunk. Our videos where:
1. A boy singing the song speckled frogs
2. Jamaroo kids version
3. Her favorite version
4. Flannel board version

Some princess work. We did for her very first time a graphing exersise and she loved it. This material is from 1+1+1=1 Princess tot pack.
She sorted different ballerinas and slipers cards.
She painted a ballerina like mommy, she wasn't very proud of her work and she's sharing mommy's work for the picture instead. But I was amazed because she's starting to paint inside and in small spaces and the most important work to copy the colors of the different parts.
More counting this time with cards she is really into counting everything. She can do perfect until 4 all by herself and more but if she pays attention, so we worked 4, 5 and 6.

 On Friday we did some weather work with Lucia. Noarai as a very good teacher of her sister came up with very good games. We take this beautiful flanel board Noarai received for her birthday and I was just going to fill the sky with clouds as it was a very cloudy day. Noarai began to cut tissue paper and making clouds for the flannel board, Lucia loved this activity.

As I was explaining her that when the sky is cloudy and grey the rain come and we usually run home to keep dry. She began to put all the plants and the animals of the flannel board inside the house, I was amazed because I didn't ask her to do it but actually she was doing what I said:)
We also painted clouds on the blue sky with a paintbrush she loved it.
Noarai enjoyed it as well but for my sorprise she did fingerpainting as well. I was so happy because she really doesn't like to get dirty and each time we do I have to encourage her.
Triangle fun: Mommy hid triangles and the girls found them . Noarai asked me four times to hide them again. She loved this game, Lucia enjoyed once but then began other activity.
They came up with this activity and I just step back, making towers and rearranging her triangles.
Of course we played our triangle instrument. And we worked fast and slow walking all over the family room. Noarai loved to do fast but did pretty well slow coordinating triangle playing with stamping her feet.
Lucia had enough learning to play the triangle and Noarai stamped her feet at her rhythm.
Sorry for the pijamas outfits they are wearing but most of the days I just get them dress when they are going outside. Bedrest is more important for now. 
Finally Noarai is really motivated lately in reading so I'm following Teach your child to read in just 10 minutes a day and she's is reading lots of new words.


  1. I love the picture of your tot in a highchair with green paint everywhere - awesome! I would love for you to link up at my TGIF Linky Party -

  2. It looks like your girls had a lot of fun. I also love your oldest daughters lovely black hair - beautiful!

  3. Thanks for linking up to TGIF linky party =-) Whe you get a chance, no biggie, but you grabbed the wrong button. YOu grabbed the featured instead of TGIF party one. We have to wait until Friday to see who was featured =-) Thanks. I look forward to seeing you link up again!

  4. Your girls look very busy! That's wonderful you do so many types of activities. Thanks for stopping by today!


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