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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Having a walk with daddy-Horses

One of their favorite walks is going to see horses. We had a neighbor that owned two horses and daddy took Noarai to see them very often. He taught her how to feed them as you can see in the picture. And she also enjoyed riding the horse. You know these are kinds of things that mummy will get nervous to but daddy gave her the opportunity to enjoy the horse and learn new things as riding and feeding an animal. She liked it so much that each time we went outside for a walk she asked to go to see the horses, but sadly our neighbor sold the horses. As you can see in the pictures she was riding a bike. Daddy taught her to be sitting down on it all walking time and she really enjoyed it. Daddy’s time it's an important aspect of her education every day.

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  1. I just read this post from June and I love it. I absolutely adore anything horses and think it's great your daughter is being introduced to love them at an early age. I will be posting on your daddy time Friday next time you have it up!


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