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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Lucia's birth

There are very special moments in your life. And the delivery of my second child, Lucia, has been one of those moments. Everything started early in the morning of the 29th of April . My first child Noarai was specially attached to my belly, she gave lots of kisses, caresses and silent moments. I was attending a heavenly welcome to the world. This scene really touched me.

This day 29TH, my husband decided to clean up the house and be ready for Lucia’s birth. We also decided to have a special family day and we went to a restaurant and to the zoo. We had a really special day with lots of kisses, laughs and happy family time.

That evening when I was preparing Noarai for bedtime, she didn’t want to go to sleep. She just wanted to talk to the belly, to play with me. She was saying all the time “baby, baby…mummy,mummy…” But as a very obedient girl she went to sleep. At 2am I started to have contractions. At the same time Noarai began to cry saying “baby, baby…mummy,mummy…” Daddy went to calm her but he could’t do it, so I went to see her and she calmed herself. My husband asked me what was happening with her, and I told him I was having contractions for an hour. She was sleeping and woke herself several times until we left to the hospital at 8pm. That morning she got up very late, and the surprising thing was that she woke up at the same time her sister was born 12:50. What a great communication between sisters! We knew that Noarai had a special sensibility but with this experience we were really surprised. This was one of the special moments I enjoyed. The other special moment was the last part of the delivery of my second girl. I was feeling her pushing down and helping her to come outside. I was helping my child to be born, we were working together as a team. We did a very good job and the midwife gave us our freedom to do it. Suddenly she was born and they gave me Lucia and she began to cry on my belly. It was wonderful. Without taking her from me they did their work, and suddenly she was breastfeeding. What a miracle of the Lord!

Today I just have to say thank you Lord for such a beautiful blessing of two very special gifts: our daughters; Thank Lord for the opportunity of sharing our life with them, and for the occasion of working with you on their education.

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