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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sofa time

One of Noarai’s favorite time of the day is sofa time! When dad arrives home they used to sit both and play together at the sofa. Look at Noarai’s face in that picture she looooooves her daddy! :) and I can see Lucia is enjoying this time as well.

When dad uses to watch the sport news she uses to imitates him. I think I’m going to have another soccer lover at home!

And when dad it’s having lunch she uses to steal his food. What a naughty girl she could be eating all day long!

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  1. Patricia ~ Do you need me to send you a file directly? If you can email me that would be great. Not quite sure I understand the question that you posted on my blog, but I will eventually be linking the chore cards to the printables page. The same link though is already included in the post that you commeneted on ~ it just goes directly to the file.


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