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Monday, September 27, 2010

Cylinder fun and number 12

Tot School
We have been working cylinder shape and number 12. And while I was looking at the towel paper I’ve got the idea. Let’s make a cylinder 12. I just cut out the tower paper cardboard into 12 cylinders. And draw in a paper the 12 cylinders in the shape of the number. For a more challenging activity I wrote the numbers in the paper and in the cylinders. This way she matched the numbers and finally made her cylinder 12.
She was really proud of her work!

Other twelve activites were: Insert 12 flowers in a box and the number 12. I made the template in word you can have it .
She scoped crystal rocks with a spoon and transfer them to the apple or boxes. I stuck circle sticks with numbers and she was asked to tell me wich number was she transfering the rock. She enjoyed this activity too much.
She hammered her foam number 12.

She played with her caterpillar numbers, she had fun taking them out and ordering them up. The numbers are from .

We used again our cups and flags numbers for numbers 10,11 and 12. I’m working on recognition because she is just in the edge of understanding that how “number 1 and 2 are friends and when they are together are called twelve”

We played with our caterpillar numbers from the same place. We run from number to number, we put hands, feet, nose… we put the dolly in different numbers… We did lots of things. This is the favorite activity for Noarai every number day.


  1. Really nice activities. Very creative! Cute apple ice cube tray. Thank you for sharing.

  2. She looks like she had a great time!

  3. Great activities! I really like the cylinder 12, this could be used for any number. I will have to try that with my daughter.

  4. How creative to combine number with shape! Thanks for linking!

  5. So fun! Thank you for reminding me that Erica has some great caterpillar printables. We are doing a unit on caterpillars and they will work wonderfully.

  6. Excellent way to incorporate both the cylinder and the number 12! Way to go Mom!


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