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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tiny talk tuesday

This week Noarai has got mucus, feber... And at night time she asked for lots of potty trips. One day my husband took her over 10 times to potty and at the 11th he said:
- ok. that is the last time we are going to potty
She began to laugh and said:
- Daddy, daddy!- notting her head and laughing. How can she be so naughty?
We began to laugh and we were laughing for 5'.


  1. how cute is she! :) visiting from tiny talk!

  2. So cute! What a sweet girl. I love their laughter :)

  3. Hi, I am visiting from Tiny Talk, it is nice to meet you. Such a sweetie you have there.
    I am now following your blog.


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