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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Letter K, 11-12-13 and baby school

Tot School

Daddy's time!!!!

This week we had had some daddy special time!!! Playing horses on the bed and watching a movie. As you can see baby Lucia wasn't missing a thing of the movie:)

Baby school (5'5 months) 1. We have began our playing solo time sitting down (up to 15':)

2. We have explore sister's boxes: stacking rings for exploring and for unstacking them.

3. We had fun destroying momie's towers. She was amazed learning cause-effect, she was just surprise that the tower fall down when she touched it.

4. We worked on the permanence of the objects playing peekaboo with the scarf and her favourite toy. This week i let her pull of the scarf all by herself!!

5. We played with the rainbow i made (cardboard and laminate) singing the rainbow song and eating it as well:)

6. Finally a big hit this week has been her sisters piano. Maybe she would like to play the piano like mommy?;)

Tot School (23 months) The letter K and 11-12-13 1. She made a pushpin letter K.

2. Then she filled the K with the bottle lids. She really loves this one.

3. After that she stamped the letter K inside the circles She did a really good job.

4. We did our writting practice for letter K from RRSP

5. K for kisses, she just loved this one.

6. She insert sticks on letter K.

7. K for Kangaroo. She painted with a ball from her sensory tub, but she really didn't like it:(

8. She made the RRSP craft for Keep your tongue from evil. This verse has been really helpful, because last week she said her very first lie, and this verse has helped her to think about her behaviour. We have stuck it on her bedroom, and we go over it as needed. Thanks Carisa for this beautiful idea.

9. We made our Kite shape from COAH. And I printed on black and white (A proposal of Hart to hart i don't remember the post but she really has awesome ideas) to focuse on shapes she really loved this one.

1. She know her numbers but skips 13 and 15 so I decided to work serialization. I used COAH printable materials and build this color matching-number game. That she loved!!!!

2. We made our kite from 1 to 13.

3. We scooped 13 pompoms and counted them.

4. And this was her favourited one!!!! I made a K vocabulary sheet with number 11-12-13 for her to pook in. I asked her look for Koala, She had to look for the image and pook 11-12-13. She had a blast with this one.

5. We played stairs numbers as an idea of Hart to Hart.
1. Playing with Noarai's boxes
2. Cooking, What a nice shot looking at each other and yummy carrot balls.
This is a new tradition in our family, after cleaning the house on Friday we dance classical music in front of the mirror. They love music and dancing with mommy:)

Mommy's favourite picture is this one, can you see Noarai's eyes she is just so cute!


  1. You have a lovely family and one smart little girl.

  2. You have such a great focus! I like all the activities for learning letters (like this week's letter K) and also the printables you used for 11-13.Great ideas. How sweet that you dance with them too :o)


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