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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The lost sheep

Raising Rock Stars

This month we are studying the lost sheep in sabath school. You can find our materials here. So at home we are having fun with the story as well. 1. Mr. Froggy said Good morning to the house sheeps this week.

2. We looked in the mirror at Jesus Sheeps.

3. We put on our Sheperds costumes.

4. We looked all over the house for the lost sheep. Noarai had fun hiding it and then looking for it. Lucia has giggle a lot with this game.

5. We feed our sheeps water and grass. Sorry no pictures. 6. And we sang our sabath school song for the Christmast party. We remembered that when we are with Jesus- Sheperd like the sheeps we are not sad, or hungry instead we shine because we are very happy. She only sings the fist verse:
Velas, Velas, Brillan, Brillan (candles, candles, Brights, Brigths)
Velas, Velas, Brillan en mi. (Candles, candles, Brights on me) Jesus,Jesus, Brilla en mi (jesus, jesus brights on me)
Jesus, Jesus, Brilla en mi (jesus, jesus, Brights on me)


  1. Oh-so-SWEET!

    First of all, your babies are beautiful! Second of all, all the connections you made to sheep, especially the physical looking for the lost sheep, are so great for your young ones. Lastly, your kiddos sing beautifully!

    Thank you so much for linking up!

  2. Wanted to say hi...I found your blog via 1+1+1=1 and I'm joining in the Raising Rock Stars project.

    your blog looks great, and your kids are beautiful.



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