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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Lucia's boxes 7.5 months

I didn't had time last week to share Lucia's boxes, so this week I'm sharing her work for the last two weeks.

She had fun playing with Noarai inside the playing cube. Even mommy came inside, I really don't know how:) Noarai loves to be touched by Lucia and Lucia loves to touch her, they are really lovely with each other.

Last week we explored different textures: sponge, pompoms and a kind a of wrapping lace. This last one was her favorite.

 We also played with a flashlight. She loved to follow the light and to try it as well:).
 She played with the pompoms box. She practiced pouring the pompoms and had lots of fun with the box and the lid as well.
 There were boxes with stuffed animals inside. My objective was to practice transfering the stuffed animals from inside to outside, but she was more interested in the boxes than in the game.
 We played the scene of the angels (Noarai) coming to see the sheperds (Lucia). She was very funny on her costume.
 I prepared some toys for her to practice standing and kneeling postition, she got better each day. She loved these toys they are plastic-made and with a stick of ball, leave, dog. Really nice for being grabbed and eaten:)

 We played hide and seek with a scarf and the balls.
 She loved to play with this felt book sticking and grabbing the farmer and animals. But her favorite was the farmer.

She played a lot with this pot, at first she looked at herself reflected, then at the light and finally played drums.
 We had fun on baby playing time. Noarai explores the boxes with Lucia, and shows her how to play and also played peekaboo with her. She's a perfect teacher:)

 As always for meal time I have to think about something although she's getting better. I came up with this funny activity, I used a bib with a pocket and hide inside cookie cutters she loved to grab them from the pocket.
 We also used the cookie cutters for practicing kneeling position and slithering skills.
 She had lots of fun with the garland allthough she broke some pieces, it was worth it.
 She came inside the ballpark for her very first time, and was really excited playing with the balls.
 She tried baby Jesus, after playing the scene of baby Jesus birth with Noarai.
 She enjoyed with the tree balls. Dont't try it with glitter ones, I had glitter all over the house and on Lucia for days.
 She got really excited to explore santa.

Happy Holidays!!!

Don't forget to come over my blog on Friday for Daddy's time Friday. You can link up a post with pictures of your hubby with the Kids, and show him some words of love for this time.

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