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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Daddy's time Friday-Last week in New York!!!!!

This has been daddy's last week in New York. And we are counting down the days to meet him on Tuesday. Each day we had enjoyed talking with daddy via Skype. He has bought Noarai 50 books!!!! Noarai it's really motivated on reading lately. One day daddy had the marvellous idea of showing her the books he had bought. Since that day each time we had connected with him the first thing she said was "books, books, books...."

The next video started with a big hug to daddy and then she asked him for books (this video was recorded 15 minutes after starting our conversation and she was still asking for books).

In the next video you can see Noarai's beloved blanket and her sucked thumb. Well this only happens when blanket appears, and it was due to nap time and a late connection with daddy. But the special thing was that she started a peekaboo game with daddy. This girl loves her daddy a lot.

If you want to share some words of love to your hubby for the time he spends with the children, just pick my button and add your post.

Happy weekend.
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  1. What a bummer that you were sick last week and not able to do the linky. Glad to see you are back and feeling better. So wonderful how the kids are looking forward to seeing their daddy!

  2. So I added a link to you on my homepage in the "A Few of My Favorite Blogs" section. Have a lot of fun here at your blog! Love the ABC videos (and any kids videos you post).

  3. Such a sweet idea to showcase special time with dads! Thank you for your comments on my blog!


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