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Friday, January 14, 2011

Daddy's time Friday

It's daddy's time Friday. And we are missing our daddy as he is in New York attending an ophthalmologyc course. We love him very much!!!!.
The first picture I want to share is our daddy practicing surgery. We hope you can learn a lot in your course and this way be a better doctor.
 I'm going to share two pictures of daddy with big sister Noarai and a just born Lucia. Of course Noarai was looking at mommy and thinking  "why is mommy on the bed with that tube on her arm?".  As you can see daddy was as proud of her girls as he could be.

And he loved to snuggle with newborn Lucia.
Lucia got really excited talking with daddy this week by Skype. She is saying all day long papa and dad. She really loves her daddy:)

If you want to share some words of love to your hubby for the time he spends with the children, just pick my button and add your post. Happy weekend.
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  1. Newest follower- Very cute pictures- Good luck to your husband.



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