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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Our first music unit!!!!

Before starting this unit we've done lots of music work. Our music work:

  • Listen to this cd every day
  • Play 4 hours of piano
  • Work with other instruments
  • Listened to signing time cd's (30-45') in playing solo time every day.
  • Listened to this cd in massage time every day for the first 3 months and then music from Mozart, Bach.
  • Sang baby action songs and lots of other songs
  • Played baby instruments freely
  • Listened to signing time cd's and her english class cd's (30-45') every day in playing solo time.
  • Sang a new song every week, using you tube resources and singing them every day (bathtub, car, grocery...)
  • We started the composer of the week (we used it for two weeks) with one composition.
  • Started choreography dancing with mommy and daddy
  • Started percussion instruments: xilophon and small percussion (triangle, maraca, tambourine...)
After that I decided that she was ready for more. So this is why I started this first unit of music.

You can find the materials I used here. Before starting I want to apologize for the videos position. And also explain that Noarai is a very active toddler, and she does every thing quickly so I hope you can understand the exercises. If not, feel free to ask me any questions.

Unit 1 Dolphin

My objectives with her were:
  • Learn to sing g-e. This interval is the easiest to sing for children. So I made up this song to work.

  • Learn that G is high and e low. I made up the song with the verb jump for g and diving for e. I prepared an image of each one and stuck it to a popsicle. I made two popsicles pros, but if I had to do it again I would have put both of them in one popsicle prop.
  • Learn Kodaly sings for the notes g-e.
  • Start to read music. Identify each note with an image. 
A) We worked floor images:
stamping on them

stamping her dog on them

. And one day as she found the cards she decided to put them in their place (this was her first music writting, she put four cards in the g line and four in the e line I was amazed she didn't put the right image but who cares she understood the concepts of high and low and pulsation

And finally she read from her music sheet.

  • Learn that there was a composer named Vivaldi and that he has wrote "winter". I googled a picture of vivaldi and placed it next to the kitchen door. Each time she stopped and asked me for the music we had a blast dancing it. At the end of the week we came up with a choreography, but the objective it's to have fun with the music. You can introduce scarfs, instruments, outfits.... to the dancing.

I hope you can enjoy these materials and receive some feedback.
I linked it to:
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  1. This is a very nice music unit you have put together. The videos are awesome! Very inspirational. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Love the videos! Thanks for sharing and hope you have a great week! Kerri

  3. Looks like she's having a blast.


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