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Friday, April 29, 2011

Daddy's time friday-The garden

This week we enjoyed a very special activity with daddy: the GARDEN!!!!!!! Uncle Pele, tete Marcos and daddy used to plant them before.  As uncle Pele and Marcos aren't in Spain  he was planting it alone.  We were able to help him and daddy included the girls in planting trees and veggies. Noarai helped a little bit but Lucia helped a LOTTT. She's in the stage of introducing things in objects and really enjoyed this activity.

 As you can see we didn't plant all the garden only two terraces. Can you see daddy working? :) He did a great job. Thank you daddy for teaching the girls to plant and for spending your time in this beautiful work. He worked that day 12 hours in the garden, can you believe it? We also have to say thank you to Uncle Pele's dad who helped daddy in the hardest job of preparing the land, and the plastics for planting.

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  1. Hello! I am stopping by from the Friday Blog Hop! I am your newest follower and cannot wait to read more. I hope you will stop by my blog and follow me back :)

  2. Hi. I saw your blog on the Friday Blog hop. Great idea with the daddy time. : )


  3. this is so sweet! I am going to try to come up with a post! do you do this every Friday??

    thanks for stopping by my blog!!

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  5. Stopping by from the hop! What a great fun activity for the kids! Nothing like getting dirty!

  6. What a fun family activity! Enjoy it!



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