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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter and Yellow

Tot School

We started each day with our worship. We sang "Jesus loves the little ones like me" and "Alive",
review our memory verses with the printables from Totally tots and this music,  read our sabath school bible story and pray (Lucia folds hands together when I say pray:)
On Monday we went to a catholical church searching for Jesus images to explain Noarai the passion. And of course she practiced her balance on the go.
We found purple courtain croses on many houses.
We arrived to the big church in our town but it was closed.
We were lucky to find a small one open and even more because this church was all dedicated to Christ passion: the entrance in Jerusalem, the last supper, the garden praying....
On Tuesday we enjoyed a lot 2teaching momies activities: we painted judas scene
While she was painting Lucia found most of the coins I hide, and Noarai found the difficuld ones.
We placed them in a counting mat.

On Wednesday we made a cross for Jesus. It was a new shape for her.
The same wednesday at the mountain hike we found a dead bee and talked about how Jesus was dead like the bee and ressurected singing our song "Alive"
Noarai used a cantiped and told me " Look mommy Jesus is coming, Hossana!!!" It was all her idea but I loved it.
Other things we enjoyed on the walk were rabbits poops, blowind wild flowers, finding moss and eating carobs. I have found a  Handbook of nature is a blog that is awesome and has motivated me to include mountain day weekly.

On Thursday we made our own last supper. We invite some friends and made the bread
Washed the feet one to another, painted on a beautiful printable ugly faces and washed them away with wine and of course eat bread and wine.
Each morning we saw the video of The awesome story of Jesus Journey to the cross. We saw each day the scene we were going to study.

Friday the rope and the activity proposed by 2teaching momies Noarai loved to paint all her sins and then turned the page explaining that Jesus washed them away. I decided that as she was so impressed by Jesus "hurt" as she called it I wasn't going to continue the other lessons.
Mixed Stuff
She's finally into tub exploring and she had fun again with chickpeas and beans.
She learnt to write the letter "l" with the printables of RRSP.

She made her shape matching puzzle I made last year with a cereal box, velcro and foam.
She wrote letter l in brown sugar. She did a great job and enjoy to eat as well.
We did this counting activity I saw in different montessory sites.
Yellow for Lucia: she had fun with the yellow puppet.
She played with her yellow bottle of treasures
She practiced her balanced skills and did a great job.
We played hide and seek the duck and the ball under the yellow box.
She explored all her skeaky yellow toys and practice the animal sound for sheep, bear and duck.
She saw her video This video was a hit with Noarai as she learnt her colors pretty quickly and she even enjoys know. With Lucia I only introduced the color of the week. But she saw almost all of the video with her sister.

Exploring yellow noodles. She's really into introducing items.
And finally explored her yellow shapes. She loves them.


  1. I like the variety of activities ;-)My favorite is the brown sugar writing ;-)
    Happy Easter to you and your family

  2. Fun week! She's doing a great job writing. We haven't really tried writing letters yet.


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