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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

artica and experiments

We started the day with some exercise and practical life skills: prepared a bocata, combed hair with pretty plats, bathing a brother who poop, and practiced patience so that mommy can comb the hair.

reviewed our pigments and autumn poem

 we went to the aquarium
. First we visited the sea lions while feeding them. And learned how they teach the animals to wait to be fed instead of jumping over the feeding person and also taugth to take turns instead of pushing or hitting each other.

We also bougth a book of antartica and read it before visiting antartica. Located antártica and enjoyed A box iglú.
Measured with penguins and , contact with juanito variety. We learnt about them: nest, ovípars, the food and the concept of 6 months of light and six of night.
we listened the beluga singing and learnt that it is the marine canary and saw it's cranium. learnt that the whalrus are from the dame family of seals and sea lions.
we also went to the science museum enjoyed the playing area and the experiments exposition. 

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