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Sunday, February 21, 2010


This week we are working the sun. And I found some interesting videos for starting each day.
1. Video: Peer Gynt Morning. It’s a classical music describing the sunrise, and in this video you can see pictures of different suns that are really beautiful. This way we worked the image of the sun and we kept in touch with classical music. A tip is to stop the video when you see the child is not interesting because it’s a long video for them. Here you’ve got the link:
2. Video: Mr. Sun with felt board. I chose this song for working this week. And in this video as the song is worked with a felt board (image) she could understand the meaning of each part much better. Noarai loved this video. Here you’ve got the link:
3. Videos: Girls singing the song. I learnt that children are the best teachers for toddlers so if I could find the song sung by children I knew that I’d had my little one singing it. So for Mr. Sun song I found these videos. I hope you enjoy them as we did. Here you’ve got the link: and .
When we finished the videos we played with the sun, the tree and the children made in foam as we sang our song.

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