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Sunday, February 21, 2010

rainbow's day

On Monday we worked the theme’s day for this week: rainbow.
1. ACTIVITY: Videos. Each day of the week we started with these videos:
a) I can sing a rainbow. It’s a song sung by a man and with a beautiful animation on each part of the song. Here you’ve got the link:
b) The song sung by children. These videos sung by children are Noarai’s favourites. I found two. The first one is a school play and maybe it’s a little long. I used to watch only part of it for Noarai: . The second one are two sisters singing on pijamas, so cute!:
c) Eggy’s colorful pants. It’s the same song working colors but on a different subject pants. Noarai loved children laughing at the beginning. Here you’ve got the link: This week we ended singing all the colors alone, it was amazing!
2. ACTIVITY: Color playing. I filled the floor with the foam colors used in the song. We sang the song and played with the foams repeating the color names continuously.
3. ACTIVITY: Xylophone playing. We went to the bathroom and picked our water xylophone. We found the colors of the song and added a rubber sheep for color pink. Then we played with the colors repeating the names several times.
4. ACTIVITY: Rainbow playing. I made a rainbow for her and we sang the song as we played with each color repeating the name continuosly.

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