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Sunday, February 21, 2010

color yellow: sun's craft

This week we are working the sun’s theme, and as Tuesday is our colors day here you have our special craft. 1. We gathered our materials. - glue - Yellow finger paint - Wipes - Yellow tissue paper - A sun drawing on a paper 2. We cutted the yellow tissue paper into pieces. 3. We made balls with the cutted pieces. I put the pieces in her hands and she pressed them. 4. We filled the sun with glue. 5. We filled the sun with the yellow tissue balls. I had to keep my wipes near because the first thing she made was tasting the glue. 6. We painted the rays with yellow finger paint. As you see in the picture I had to control each movement because she’s fast and I don’t want her to eat her finger paint or to paint on the table. As it was a lot of concentration for her, she only made half of the rays an said “all done”.
It was a very good work don’t you think! .

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