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Sunday, February 21, 2010


As we are working colors all week I decided that color’s day will be exploring them. So I prepared the next activities.
1. ACTIVITY: Finger painting. We made it on Tuesday (color’s day). I wanted her to experience with each color so I gave her one by one the colors of the rainbow. She painted one sheet for each color (one red, one yellow…), so when we finished we could sing the song raising each sheet with the music. Tips I’ve learnt are: sitting her on a highchair, keeping wipes near, giving her small amounts of painting. If it is too long for your toddler painting with seven colours you can do it in different days. For Noarai it was ok six colors so I finished with the activity. Sorry, as you can imagine I wasn’t able to take any picture.
2. ACTIVITY: My own rainbow. We did it on Friday review day. I gathered the materials: - small pieces cutted of each color on tissue paper or cardboard. - a rainbow drawing on white cardboard paper - Glue We filled with glue one line and then stack the papers on each place. The same for each color. Here you’ve got our rainbow:
3. ACTIVITY: Match the colors with the objects. We did it on Friday review day. I found some sticks of objects she knew at the euro store (dollar store), and as we were working vertical lines I thought about matching the rainbow colors, the sticks, and the vertical lines. She made it all by herself.

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