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Monday, March 8, 2010


First of all we started from a book of a firefighter we owned. It’s very important to start a new knowledge from the knowledge they already have. We read our book.
Then we started working with the videos. The videos for this week are the following:
a) Fire trucks: It’s a video were you can see different fire trucks, firefighters in action with fire ,climbing the ladder or with the hose squirting water. It has a funny music that Noarai always liked to dance. Here is the link:
b) Fire truck by Charlie Hope: It’s the song for this week “Hurry, Hurry drive the fire truck” sung by a mother and with a photo animation of her children doing each part of the song. It’s very nice and a very good work. Noarai always wanted to repeat this one. Here is the link:
c) Fire truck song by children: it’s our week song sung by two girls. My daughter always liked to see real children singing her songs. These ones are a bit old for a toddler but it was the only one I found that children pronounce well the lyrics, and it wasn’t a problem for her. Here is the link:
d) Fire truck by Ivan Ulz: It’s a sing a read storybook, you can read the book and hear the song as well. This way we can read a new book for our fire truck week. Noarai loved it. Here is the link:
e) Fire truck game: It’s a mother explaining how to play the game with her daughter . You have a sitting down version for babies and a moving version for toddlers. It’s a great motivation to see a child doing what later we will do together. Here is the link:
1. Fire truck game. We had already seen as it was her first day she was just amazed of what was happening but I knew that at the end of the week she would be doing it all.
2. Hurry, Hurry drive the fire truck with foam materials. I made a firefighter station, a fire truck, a firefighter, a ladder, a fire hose to illustrate the song. Here you can see Noarai playing with those materials.
3. We performed the song. I used plastic dishes for the wheel, the couch with some pillows for the ladder, a bottle of water for the fire hose. This one was a hit, we performed the song at least six times .

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