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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Rain's Day

THE RAIN’S DAY Tot School This week the forecast predicted to be rainy. So it was a perfect moment for working this theme. For our theme’s day we did the following activities. 1. First I gathered my materials. a) For introducing the theme: - A paper with a drawing of a rain for the learning poster. - Markers to paint the rain drawing. - Foam clouds, raindrops, sky and sun for illustrating the song. - Computer

b) For enjoying the water: - A glass with water and food coloring. - Differents spoons to transfer the water (small ones for raindrops, big ones for transfering). - A tray covered with aluminium foil to see the raindrops. - Two containers one with water and food coloring and the other empty to transfer the water. 2. Introduced the rain theme with some videos of you tube: a) The sound of rain it’s a long video but it’s a nice sound. You can stop it when you see your toddler lose attention. Here you’ve got the link: b) Some children playing in the puddles. I wanted her to see the rain as something funny, when we can use waterproofs, boots and umbrellas. I wanted today to went outside and jump in the puddle but it was a sunny day so we did it on Wednesday. And it was better because for three days she was watching the videos and was really motivated to imitate them. Here you’ve got my links: two girls four brothers and sisters 3. We took the drawing of the rain we talk about the raindrops, the clouds and she colored it with markers. Then she stuck it on the learning poster. 4. Then we sang our rain song with the foam figures we made, and then signing it: The sky is grey The sun goes away The clouds are smiling And the rain is coming

After singing it several times, she put herself the figures as we sang each item. Then we put it on the learning poster.

5. Then we went to the toilet to start the water playing. I prepared some old towels on the floor and she wasn’t worried about getting wet or dirty because she was on her pijamas. These activities are very good for thin motor skills, for learning about waterdrops and of course for having fun. a) First we reproduce raindrops on the aluminium foil tray with small spoons. I did it the first time and she continued. Observe your toddler to stop the activity. When Noarai began to throw the water everywhere I knew she was all done and we moved to the next activity.

b) Then we transferred water from one container full to another empty. She enjoyed a lot with the different spoons. I gave her one spoon and when she was all done a different one.

We enjoyed a lot with these activities. I hope you enjoy them too.

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