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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Number eight

This week we are working firetrucks. And on Thursday we began to learn number eight. 1. Gather your materials - Number eight for the learning poster. - Sticks to fill in number eight. - Number cards - Cups, spoons, raisins, or any other thing you see interesting for your toddler to count 8. - Cups, drawers and colored rocks. - Sticks with the numbers (I made them with permanent) - Fridge numbers 2. Start with number eight for the learning poster. We introduced the new number and filled the paper with eight sticks.

3. We stuck it on our learning poster.

4. We played with the number cards and I introduced her the new cards for number 8.

5. We started counting with the cups, making a tower. 6. We continued with the spoons. And we used the number card to count them on.

7. Finally we counted raisins, one of her favorite snacks. First we counted them and then she ate them all up. 8. I filled the drawers with colored stones: from 0 to 8 the numbers we had worked. She opened each drawer and filled the cups counting or say zero for each drawer empty. This was the first day she understood the concept of zero and she was just opening to find an empty drawer to practice her new knowledge. I loved it.

9. This activity is a hit with Noarai. I put the numbered sticks on her nails, on her fingertips, she played with them and then we put them on the hamper.

10. Finally we added number eight on the fridge. You can see her pronouncing eight in the picture.

Of course, in every activity we repeated the number over and over. And when daddy arrived home she took him to the fridge and said “eight”. Isn’t it nice!

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