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Thursday, April 8, 2010

The cow's day

The plan I’m following with Noarai is in as well as all the resources they offer. But this plan is for children from 2 to 4 years and I’m trying to adapt it for my 14 month old toddler. The Cow’s week is the first one of the planning and I’m going to describe the work we did for each day. Here you can see the learning poster completed, but each day of the week we were filling it with the subject worked. As a toddler it’s very easy to distract so when we are in learning time I also keep her sitting on my lap with my arms at both sides, this way is easier for her to keep focus on the activity.

Monday: The cow’s day 1º ACTIVITY- We started this day with three videos I download from “you tube”:

a) The first steps of the calf: it’s a good introduction to the vocabulary word of the week Calf. The first day Noarai enjoyed it but the next days I had to cut it. It’s a bit long for toddlers.

b) Ryan’s farm: is the “mooing” video. It’s a real sound of cows and this was Noarai’s favourite this week. c) The Cow Song: it has a very simple chorus and they can practice the hello movement they already know and the “mooing” sound, it also has lots of pictures of cows and it’s pretty nice.This video activity was the first thing we did every day of the week.

2º ACTIVITY- After it, we took the Cow and Calf linked in the material of ourpreschoolhome and put it in our learning poster, here you've got the link:

3º ACTIVITY- Then we printed the Cow for colouring and we use finger painting to colour it, we did it in blue (because Noarai wanted) but it would be better to do it in yellow because it is the colour of the week. For painting with fingers I put her an old shirt, I sat her down on the highchair, and controlled the amount of painting she was taking each time and had near wipes. Noarai was pretty good not eating the painting J (most of the times) so that wasn’t a problem.

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