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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Caterpillar's day

This week I had lots of doctors. And on Monday we only had time to see the videos. But I want to post them because you’ve got there our caterpillar song of the week and the videos we had been looking at all week.

a) Fascinating caterpillars: You can find in this video really caterpillars of different sizes, colors and with a wonderful music. It was quite long for Noarai, but I stopped it when she was all done. Here you’ve got the link: b) The very Hungry Caterpillar: I found that Read aloud of the Carle book, here you’ve got the link: and also another version not of the real book but it was motivating for Noarai to repeat the story in a different way, here you’ve got the link: ç c) The caterpillar song: I found two versions one of a girl and one of a boy they had a different lyric version but Noarai enjoy them both. d) Days of the week: As the very hungry caterpillar works in the text the days of the week I decided to find a song with them, because we haven’t started to work them yet. This video was an A for Noarai specially for the stuffed ducky, she’s really having fun with ducks now. The link: I hope you enjoy with the videos as we did!

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