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Thursday, April 15, 2010

review oval, square, diamond and star

Tot School 1. Gather your materials: - Plastic dishes with foam shapes.Clothespins. – Balloons with the shapes stuck on them. – A diamond and an oval cut on construction paper. I used the leftovers of my shapes puppets. - Markers - Shape puppets hiding on the sofa. The link for the shape puppets is: 2. We started finding the puppets on the sofa and calling them by name. She had a nice conversation with the oval (I really don’t know what she was saying, but it was funny!) 3. We continued with the plates and the balloons. We put the plates on the table and said the name of the shape, she decided to pull the shapes out of the plates as well, but it was ok because the first objective is to play with the shapes. When she was all done pulling out the shapes I showed her the balloons and she discovered that the balloons had shapes as well, so she began to pull them out as well. After it we stuck each balloon with her shape plate with dolphin clothespins. As you see in the picture. This activity was better than I thought. she redid it as a sensory activity as well like matching game.

4. Our craft time was painting the oval and the diamond with markers. As we used the construction paper, when we finished painting we separated the construction paper and the shape was perfect. She also worked painting inside the shape thanks to the construction paper . When it was finished we stuck it on the learning poster. As you can see on the learning poster we did the day before the same craft with the square and the star. Painting both of them in one day was too much for her. I also left the plates with the foam shapes in her family room toy box, and she was all week playing with them.

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