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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ladybug's day

1. We started with our videos: a) A real ladybug video. It is short and you can see it very near. Here’s the link: b) A ladybug song. You can review with it or introduce new bodyparts. She loved that video. Here’s the link: 2. We worked shape matching with the material of . She did a great job, but I have to help her a little bit.

3. We worked size sorting on a material I made for her. I try to help her sorting sizes with different types of ladybugs. You can download it here:

4. Finally we practiced sewing for the very first time. She was just trying to understand what I was asking her to. I think the next time it will be better. New activities are always like this with her. I get my ladybug for sewing here:

I hope you enjoy it, as we did!

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