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Monday, April 26, 2010

duck's day

Tot School 1. We started our theme day with special videos: a) Little ducks: it’s a video of little ducks playing and walking behind her mommy. It’s a wonderful video to prepare for the lyrics of the five little ducks song (They went out to play, mommy call them) and also for getting in touch with this animal. Here you’ve got the link: b) Different versions of the five little ducks song: If you work the same song but with different versions it’s an enrichment for the child because first they help them pay attention, and they learn different signs, ways of sing, and finally the repetition is the most important way of their learning. - Girls singing the song with lots of sings: I chose that one because even though they can’t sing all the words they are able to sign and express the lyrics. Here you’ve got the link: - Mimic of the song: it’s a beautiful video of five girls in ducks costume and with a wonderful choreography. Here you’ve got the link: - Rubber duck version: It’s a nice video where you can see funny rubber ducks and they can understand better the counting part of the song. Here you’ve got the link: . But I realize during the week that Noarai wasn’t prepared for counting backwards. So I worked the song but didn’t insiste in that part. Song work: At the end of the week she was able to sing (the underline parts): Five little ducks went out to play, over the hills and far away, mommy duck said quack,quack,quack¡ and only four of the ducks came back. When I work a song with Noarai I invite her to complete as much as she can. With this song we worked: the sound of the duck “quack”, and the rhythm of the verse play-away, quack-back. After singing it several times I began to stop singing in the places I want her to sing and if she didn’t know the song I told her the answer. I always repeated the word after her, this way I helped her to internalize the song and also helped me to take the tune again. 2. We worked size sorting with a material I prepared. With different kind of ducks for helping her to sort. It was a success. You can download it here:
3. We worked on a puzzle I prepared for her. The sort part was a success but the orientation as you can see it wasn’t perfect but it doesn’t matter little by little we will work on it. You can download it here: .
Finally we made our duck’s craft. I printed the duck for her. You can download here She painted it with her crayons first and then we fill it with noodles. It’s a simple craft but you work inside-outside, and fine motor skills. As you see, I was behind her closing the working zone with my arms to help her concentrate on the craft, even though she is getting better and I leave her more often alone, sometimes she needs this help.

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  1. looks like some great craft and learning time together! :)


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