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Monday, April 26, 2010

Grey's day and review shape's day

1. We started playing with our shape puppets. I put them all over the sofa and ask her to bring me the star, or oval… After that we chose one shape and put it in different places of the body: for example put the star on the head, or on your toe, she loved that one. Finally we worked gross motor skills with the shapes: fly with the star, run with the oval… she made slide backward with the diamond… It’s wonderful that they propose their own movements. It’s wonderful to repeat them immediately and this way you help them to develop the imagination.

2. As we are working color grey this week, we went on a grey hunting all over the house. I decided to work this color because at home we have lots of it and she was always pointing at it and saying another color name while noting at the same time. It was her way of asking me what the name was.

3. I kept my paperback leftovers from making the puppets last week. And this week we used them again: first as you can see on your left painting with her grey crayon, and second on your right painting with finger-paint. This way we reviewed the shapes as we were working grey color. As you can see she uses finger paint with two different paintbrushes. She doesn’t like too much to get hands dirty and this way we can enjoy this paint. This was our learning class for today, I hope you like it!

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