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Monday, April 26, 2010

Number 13's day

1. I drew number 13 in a sheet of paper and she filled it with sticks. She’s been pretty good handling her sticks alone and she doesn’t want any help, it’s harder for her but I respect her will because we have to encourage their independence. When she finished with the sticks she colored with her crayons. All the time I was repeating the number: ah look you are coloring number 13, that number is thir…..teen, Noarai what number is that? You are doing a pretty good job with number 13… The important thing is to repeat as many times as you can. Repetition is their way to learn. When it was finished we stuck it on our learning poster. 2. Then we made our Caterpillar with all the numbers we know 1-13. I’ve got this material from: She had difficult from 10 to 13. The next week I think we are only going to do it with the new numbers 10-14 because she knows pretty well from 1-10 and this way we can focus on learning the numbers from 10-14.

3. I prepared this material with shapes and ducks. As she knows too many numbers I picked only for counting the easiest ones 1-5 and the new number of the week. We counted the number of ducks and put the correct magnetic number on it. I had to help lots to do this activity with her, but it was because she was tired. The next time we will do counting the first because she needs lots of concentration and it was her first time doing this kinf of activity and she didn’t really know the rules. It’s amazing that sometimes an activity that we made and it was a mess I try it again and she loves it, she just needs sometime to understand the rules and another day to be fresh. You can download the complete material with all the numbers from 1-13 here: 4. Finally we played with the caterpillar floor numbers from She loves to sit down on the numbers so our game is to change our sitting position from number to number saying the number. We both do this once. We do this activity standing on the numbers as well.

I hope you like it as we did!

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