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Tuesday, April 13, 2010


1º ACTIVITY- Videos (see theme's day) 2º ACTIVITY- I showed her the yellow square of the poster and we put it in the poster together. She helped with the sticky tape pulling it out. We also reviewed that this color we worked last week. Last week we made a yellow hunting as you can see in the picture. We put these objects in a box in her bedroom with a yellow card and this picture in it. This way she can play with them in her independent time. In this activity we went to her bedroom and took all the objects and searched them in the picture repeating yellow often. 3º ACTIVITY- I printed again the same cow( we used for finger painting and I also gave her some yellow squares sticks. She loved playing with sticks and this way we were working shape and color. I gave her the instruction of putting the sticks inside the cow, sometimes was hard but as you can see she did it pretty good. She then saw the square cows and wanted to put them in the picture, and I let her do it she just loved to put glue stick and this was a good opportunity. As you can see I direct a lot her learning time, and when she propose something I try to satisfy it because she is keeping lots of instructions and I also have to develop her creativity and independence.

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