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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Jungle's day

Monday: The Jungle’s day 1º ACTIVITY: Videos. We started with this activity every day of the week. a) First video: “How does the jungle sound? Can you hear it?” As you will see it’s a long video and you can stop it when you see your toddler is not interested anymore. I haven’t seen it all with Noarai but each day she was amazed with these sounds. You can introduce the vocabulary word “vines” because in the video you can see the jungle’s vegetation. Here you’ve got the link: b) Second video: Jungle cruise. It’s not a perfect video but you can see the vegetation and the animals: elephants, lions, hippopotamus, monkeys, etc. I recommend to see it before in order to know where the animals appear and go directly to them. I did it and was her favorite video this week. Here you’ve got the link: c) Third video: Who’s the king of the jungle? I tried to find a video with the song sang by children. Noarai wants to see this video repeatedly just because they are sang by kids and at last they are her favorite teachers. This video is not well modulated by the children but they do very well all the signs and you can sing with them while watching. Here you’ve got the link: 2º ACTIVITY: Poster. I showed her the picture of the jungle and the vines linked in . We found all the jungle’s animals and then we talk about the vines. We put some sticky tape on them and we stuck it to our learning poster with the related word. I always point at the word to her, although you know they cannot read them they are getting used to the act of repeating the word while watching some signs they are getting familiar to. 3º ACTIVITY: Jungle dance. I searched in you tube the Saint Saens “carnaval of animals”. It’s classical music describing the animals. Here you’ve got the links with the animal related: - Elephants: - Turtles: - Lions: - Aquarium: - Birds: With these videos I introduced the jungle animals to Noarai. After we watched the videos we began dancing and imitating each animal walking, swimming or flying all over the room. This activity approached her to classical music, to animals and to exercising while imitating the animal all over the room. Remember that you have to be exaggerated in your movements because your toddler will do the 10% of what you are doing. So get lots of energy for this activity. I had a problem with this activity, because Noarai just loved videos and she didn’t wanted to dance because she wanted to see the videos again, but after asking me and watching I was having a great time dancing she began to dance with me

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