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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cow craft

1º Activity: Videos of the week (see on theme day) 2º Activity: Cows craft. I download this picture from and stick it in a cardboard, I also drew a big square next to it. We filled the square with liquid glue (Noarai helped but it was too big for her attention), then we filled it with noodles. The instructions were to fill in the square. I used noodles because they are yellow and similar to the hay cows eat, but it would be great to fill it with hay. When we finished Noarai wanted to use the glue stick so I let her do it on the picture and then we sparkled some yellow glitter on it. She also wanted to use the yellow square sticks so we put one with the number, this way I respected her propositions and joined it with the work. 3º Activity: Finger wall painting. I used again the wall paper we used the day before. I put her a bin bag and prepared wipes. I kept the finger paint and controlled the amount of paint she’s taking, I also stayed behind her and prepared to stop her right hand. This activity requires a lot of obedience from the toddler, so keep sure he’s not tired and it’s prepare to follow your rules. And of course be prepared for any mess. But I have to say that she just loved this activity and it’s pretty obedient. You know your toddler and if he/she is not used to follow rules this is not a good activity to start

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