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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Number one

Thursday: Number one’s day 1º Activity: Videos 2º Activity: I presented her the number of the week and we put one yellow square stick and one square cow. Put it in the learning poster. 3º Activity: I presented her the card number one with one monkey. Next to it I prepare a small cup and some material Noarai likes to count one (as you can see, a yellow stone, a pasta, and a balloon) We count one filling the cup with each item. When we arrived to the balloon she asked to blow it for her, and this way I introduced her proposition in our activity. 4ª Activity: I put a big one on the floor with paper and we passed through it, first fast, then slowly, then like birds, then like monkeys. You can use whatever your child loves, but the important thing is to pass through the number. She got tired soon and started to look for another activity, I tried to keep attention to her signs to change the activity or to stop learning time because it always has to be fun for her and for you. 5º Activity: I drew squares in a big paper on the wall to make vertical lines joining them. We have been working up and down all week in bath time. She has some animals they stick with water on the wall so we were playing with them all over the wall, saying up and down. Then we just move our arms up and down with the rubber animals. So she was prepared to this movement. I gave her a crayon and she matched them easily, because they were in a big surface. At first is difficult to control small surfaces and I found it true with Noarai. The same activity in a normal sheet wouldn’t worked.

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