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Friday, June 11, 2010

Baby Lucia's week

Tot School My second daughter was born in April 30th. That week as it was my 39 week of pregnancy, we did a special work at learning time for preparing Noarai for her sister birth. 1. We looked some videos: a) For explaining that mommy will be at the hospital for some days and she will be coming with daddy to meet baby Lucia. I found an old one but the concept was clear and this one . b) For explaining her how to play with the new baby, I found these videos: giving kisses and holding her , singing her ,giving hugs and cuddling her c) And of course a song of babies, this one is a beautiful sesame street one with lots of babies and also works the body names: We took her baby dolly to see all these videos, and each day of the week when we started learning time she went running into her bedroom and brought it. As you can see she was very happy with her baby, giving kisses and hugs to it.

2. I found a beautiful lapbook of a big sister, you can download it here: . And I choose a few activities that were good for my toddler. A)The first one was to explain her that mummy will be at the hospital, and she will be with her uncle, aunt, grandfather and grandmother I also added their pictures to make it more visual and put it on a folder.

b) The second activity were small cards with all the things we were going to need for the baby. So we checked if we were ready with her baby doll: a blanket, a crib, a swing…

3. Then we painted a family coloring sheet you can find here. When she was finished we stuck it on her bedroom closet, and each day of the week we were singing a song daddy created specially for this occasion: you can put the tune you want, the lyrics were
“Papa, Noarai, Mama and Lucia Papa, Noarai, mama and Lucia Papa, Noarai, mama and lucia We all love each other”

4. Finally on bath time we had our first bath with the baby. She was so happy with this one that during the bath she is with the baby doll.

Thanks to this work, the day Lucia was born she was happy to be with grandfather, she came into the hospital with confidence, she hold her new sister very gently and she gave her lots of kisses and caresses. She is enjoying her sister very much. Here you see them together in the hospital:

I thank God every day for such beautiful girls!

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