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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Letter A

As I was recovering from Lucia’s delivery, we had short learning times. Here you’ve got them. 1. We stuck yellow circles in our letter A. It’s printed from . I used two colors first yellow and when she was done I gave her green.

That’s the result 9 sticks! And almost everyone in the circle or touching the circle.

2. I used the lacing letters from ,I stuck it to a box and punched holes. She enjoyed inserting sticks in the holes. It was a hit this one.

3. I printed the uppercase and lowercase ants from ,I cut in a half and stuck Velcro in the middle as a puzzle. I separated them in uppercase and lowercase and she joined them by color. She did such a good job that I added them to her playing boxes for that week.

4. Finally we practiced horizontal tracing and colors. I prepared a working shit with dollar sticks. I looked for sticks of the same color: yellow, green and red. Then I stuck them in both sides of the sheet and unite them with two lines. For working the horizontal line and color we used straws and cardboard as you can see in the picture. Finally we used our marker to trace lines from one stick to the other.

Noarai enjoyed holding her new baby sister and getting to know her the little time she was awake!

Aren’t they nice! I love my two blessings of the Lord.

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