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Thursday, June 24, 2010

My blessing friends

Finding a parent with the same basic ideas of parenting is not allways easy. I’ve found a very good friend for me and for my daughters. Since they were born we usually keep in touch weekly, they develop their relationship with a very good influence to each other and we find a mutual support.

Sometimes you know I get a bit upset at the park, because they learn everything good and bad. And that’s fine because life is like that, good and bad. But it’s also important to teach our children to keep in touch and to take care of firendly relationships.

Thanks Carlos, Miriam, Cristina and Elisa for your friedship!.
Another godly friend for me is my older sister and for Noarai, her cousin Naiara is her “tata”. She’s four years old but they usually play very good together. Naiara is her teacher as she says, and Noarai just loves been with tata almost every afternoon. She usually imitates everything of her, when we arrive home from playing with her I’m not mommy but I’m “aunt” because she tends to repeat the same words of her cousin. It’s funny but it’s a blessing to have such a very good example for my daughter. We will be missing her soon as she’s going to Miami next month.

Thank you for such a beautiful time together!
I also have to talk about my “tete” cousin Marcos. He’s nine and they don’t play so much together but he’s very sweet with her and she usually loves playing with him.

Thanks tete for your sweetness!

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