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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Shape review 1

Tot School As she already knows the basics shapes we usually review them each week. This is our first week. 1. We started playing with the puppets from . We choose one puppet for Noarai and one for mummy. We put them in different places all over the family room saying “I put the (shape) on the (place)” If she doesn’t say it I usually do it for her. This way we run, we laugh with the shape. As you can see on the picture she was putting the rectangle in her mouth. She loves this game.

2. Then she colored a heart and a rectangle. I kept the cardboard I used for making the puppets and stuck it to a paper, this way she can paint the shape and when we finished we take off the cardboard and it’s a perfect shape. You can see in the pictures that she loves to put the puppets in its cardboard place. After painting we stuck it on our learning poster.

3. I prepared a sensory tub with lentills and hide inside the shapes from different shape toys. After finding them we said the name of the shape and match it to its correct place. The shape sheet is from .

4. We made this shape puzzle from I printed one on paper and put it inside a plastic bag and another in cardboard and used Velcro to match it. As is difficult for her to make puzzles, I put one part of the shape and she completed with the other part.

We also enjoyed our day playing with our friend “Cristineta” .


  1. What beautiful children! Keep up the good work!

  2. great ideas! I will have to try the sensory activity soon- John will love it!


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