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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Inchworm's day

1. We started our day with the videos of the week: a) A real inchworm on a log here ( ) b) The inchworm song: - a sesame street version with a real inchworm and marygolds that Noarai really liked ( ) - a version of a girl singing the song and showing the numbers as she knows all the numbers except 32. She really enjoy it ( ) - another sesame street version that maybe it’s a little long, we had never complete it but I like the musicality ( 2. Then I hid all over the family room caterpillars and she found them and put them all together on the sofa as you can see in the next picture. 3. After that I gave her the noodle caterpillar. I used a picture box, stuck on it the lacing inchworm ( ), punched some holes on it and filled them with noodles. Then I gave her a spoon and she used it as a hammer pushing the noodles inside the box. She liked so much this activity that I decided to ad it to her playing boxes.

4. After that we made the inchworm building ( ). She did a great job!
5. We made the patter activity and she made all by herself the first pattern but the second one it’s too challenging for her know, you can see how she ended the activity with lots of help!

Mom’s favorite, going to the zoo with daddy! All prepared for a hard sunny day.


  1. I love that picture of her with the sunglasses- so cute!!

  2. What a fun theme to focus on! I've never thought about inchworms. Looks like she enjoyed it. I love the picture of her bending backwards on the couch. Is she laughing?


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