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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

E for Elephant

1. We started with our videos of the week ( ) and saw starfall video for letter e ( ). 2. Then we played with the sticks. I used a box, printed the lacing letter ( ) stuck the letter to it and punched small holes for Noarai to insert sticks.

Then I printed the capital E and stuck it on a cereal box. I punched bigger holes for Noarai to saw it. I only punched five holes because that’s what she could manage.

After that I prepared the Capital case and lowercase material ( ) and she sorted them.

It was a short learning time, sometimes you can do more and sometimes less but the important thing it’s to enjoy it, learn it and have fun if the child aren’t receptive. It’s better to stop and try another day. Mommy’s favourite photo of the week!

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