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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Number 16

1. We started with our elephant’s videos of the week ( ). 2. Then we filled the number 16 with playdough. I made small balls and she squeezed them. But as it was her first time with this special playdough she just wanted to play. I helped her a lot and then let her play. After playing she started filling the number with more playdough as you can see in the picture.

3. I added number 16 to our family 10’s number folder. And we tooke off all the numbers and stuck them again in its place. I repeated a lot the number’s and asked her which number she was matching. This folder was prepared with a cereal box and some Velcro. it’s simple and very attractive for her.

4. I prepared a shoes box, wrote the numbers 1-16, and made small holes. She inserted sixteen candel base flowers and some candels on them as you can see in the picture. After inserting them we practiced our counting skills counting all of them.

This activity was so long that I decided to stop learning time here. Sometimes one plans items but one need to add or substract them as the activity is going on. Mommy’s favourite: daddy’s girls!

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