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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Review Colors Day

1. As she knows all her colors there isn’t any need of having colors day. Every day she reviews them: identifying car’s colors, clothes colors, shoes colors, etc. Every morning she says the color of my shoes, my pajama, and her shoes and pajama as well. But I read this activity ( ) and wanted to made it with Noarai. For her it was challenging the fine motor skill of introducing the hair tie into the stick, and she enjoyed telling all her colors as she always does. As you can see I used a box, made holes and punch the sticks. I had of every color except black and white, I decided to paint wood ones with finger-paint. Then I mixed two colors in each container for her to sort them. I prepared too many hair ties because I didn’t know that it would be challenging for her the fine motor skill, but she did at least two of each color.

2. I prepared a worksheet with two sticks of each color, and straight lines on the top and the bottom of the sticks. I wanted her to work color identifying and horizontal writing. So I cut horizontal stripes of color construction paper, I gathered one straw of each color. This way we were working colors and horizontal lines. For making it more fun I hide them with noodles as you can see in the picture. Finally she painted horizontal lines with the proper color marker.

Mommy’s favorite, a proud daddy with her two sweeties!

And her beloved tata!

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  1. I like the rubber bands on a stick idea. I may try this with Little Sweets.


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