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Sunday, August 1, 2010

The octopus day

1. We started with our octopus videos with different versions of the slippery fish: With drawings and letters: With a flannel board: With a girl singing the song: Finally with pre-k children singing the song at her graduation: She really enjoyed this song and was quickly singing it. It was funny to see her at her playing solo time saying “oh no!”. 2. We started coloring an octopus ( ).

3. Then we sorted the octopus by size ( )

4. Finally, we punched our straws in the octopus box. I printed the lacing octopus, stuck it on a big box and punched holes. She had difficulty with the straws because they were easy to bend so I changed them for wood sticks. She did a great job!

Mom’s favorite, in the turtle pool with tata!

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  1. I love the slippery fish song! We sing it at a place called "Pal Zone" where I take my 2 year old son for play time once a week. He just recently started singing a little bit and will now sing this with me. I never thought to look on You Tube for it. I am going to start following your blog. It looks like I will gain some good ideas from you!


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