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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Two weeks of praying challenge

It has been two weeks since we started the praying challenge. And I would like to share our experience. The first day we woke up with all the house plenty of “shiny stars” that’s how Noarai uses to call them.

I put them in the place of each pray: the wake up and goodnight pray on Noarai’s bed, the dress up pray on her closet, the bath pray in the bathroom, the lunch pray in the kitchen, the walking outside pray in the gate door and the night pray on my bed. The things we learned these two weeks were: - To pray regularly, Noarai uses to remind me that I have to pray. That’s a heavenly habit, isn’t it?

- To pray by herself, Noarai is starting to pray all by herself. She uses to pray at potty time or at bed time. I love that new habit. In the picture she's praying for all the family (name by name).

- I love the memory verses used for the prayers. They make me think and help me to be a better mother. And they unite your children with the word of God considering it as a daily food. I thank God for finding this heavenly idea. I love it and I recommend it to you.

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