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Friday, August 20, 2010

Letter o

Tot School
1. We started with our octopus videos of the week 2. Then we worked on our “o” vocabulary sheet. I made it and here you’ve got the link We identified each picture and then stuck it on our learning poster.

3. After that we worked on the o dot and a dot page ( ). We used some tissue paper, tear it, made some balls and glued them to the capital o. Finally we used circle sticks for the lowercase o.

4. Then we searched our sheet to find the missing o’s. Here you’ve got the link for the sheet ( ). It was funny because after that activity in her playing solo time she was saying “nooo that’s not an ooooo” while playing with her baby doll.

5. I printed the o lacing cards from And I used the lowercase for sewing (only with four holes ,she can’t handle more), and for stick poking with the uppercase.

6. I prepared a sensory tub with tortellini and hid the vowels (except u) of our puzzle. She found them first and then matched them. She did a very good job matching but complained because she couldn’t make the puzzle. We have to keep working on this. 7 We finished playing with all the vowels on the floor, running and hopping from one to the other and saying it’s sound. Sorry but I couldn’t get a picture of this activity. Mommy’s favorite, with noarai’s beloved “tata” at the turtle pool!


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